Bloom Ultra

Want Bigger Yields? Optimise Your Flowering Nutrient Uptake!

Bloom Ultra


Use ULTRA for two weeks after switching to 12/12 in order to speed up the transition from veg to flower. This improves turnaround times, shortening the overall time needed to complete the flowering cycle, but it’s not the only ace up ULTRA’s sleeve! The revolutionary formula also acts to reduce stretching, keeping the height of your plants right down – a real godsend for those in tight spaces. Further to this, it even controls gene expression, limiting the development of male flowers. So you can say goodbye to troublesome hermaphrodites once and for all!

• Advanced Floriculture – professional grade plant nutrition used by the agricultural industry
• Kickstarts the bloom phase, shortening overall turnaround times
• Turns plants from veg to flower in three days
• Assists in the development of flowers
• Effective in any growing medium
• Reduces stretching – for more compact and more productive plants
• Helps to produce an even canopy for a more efficient indoor garden
• Controls gene development to eliminate male flowers (no more hermaphrodites!)
• Used for the first and second week of the flowering stages
• Concentrated formula – generally used at 1ml per litre

How It Works

ULTRA is one of the standout products in the Bloom range. ULTRA really gets the best out of the growth spurt that occurs after switching to a 12 on / 12 off lighting cycle, channelling the plant’s energies in exactly the right direction. Expect to see a quick transition from vegetative growth to bloom, leading to much higher concentrations of flower sites and more compact and efficient growth – no more spindly looking, stertchy plants. This lays the foundations for a very productive harvest further down the line.

ULTRA has other roles that make it a must-have, including the ability to eliminate male flowers. Male flowers can cause havoc if they find their way into female-only gardens. Just one broken pollen sac could easily pollinate thousands of plants. Using ULTRA is an excellent safeguard against the damage male pollen can unleash on gardens that require segregation between sexes.

Technical Specifications

ULTRA is generally used at a rate of 1ml per litre of nutrient solution during the first two weeks of flower. Exact application rates vary depending on the system and growing method. Please visit our feed schedules page for more information.

Where this product fits in with Advanced Floriculture’s main boosters:

PRE – weeks 2 and 3 of a 4 week grow stage
ORGANIC SWEET – from week 2 of the grow stage, finishing before the final flush
ULTRA – weeks 1 to 2 of the flowering stages
PHAT – weeks 2 to 4 of the flowering stages
PK – week 5 of flower
OOZE – from week 5 of flower, up to and including the final flush
FINAL – used during the last two weeks, up to and including the flush

Because Bloom products are mostly formulated form organic sources, there can often be variation in colour and consistency. This is nothing to worry about and you can rest-assured that every batch is checked by the Advanced Floriculture quality control team

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  • Recirculating

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  • Coco

  • Hydro

Packaging Sizes

Comes in 5 sizes: 300ml, 1L, 2.5L, 15L, 25L