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About Bloom
Yellow Bottles

Bloom Yellow Bottles is a high-quality Liquid Organic Nutrient Range. Our products are happily used by anyone from hobby growers to the most experienced Commercial Growers. As any of our products can be used across any system or medium, this gives any grower at any expertise level, the flexibility to use select products depending on their need, and still achieve excellent results.

For those who have made the step to using Bloom Yellow Bottles, their initial reaction says it all. They are left in awe with the instant visible results, and when harvesting are amazed at the quality of the end product and high yielding produce.

Our products are designed to prepare the plant for maximum uptake of nutrients, leading to lush green plants with explosive growth of flowering sites that will keep growing until the final harvest. This is achieved through the use of high quality and naturally sourced bio-stimulants, quality micro and macro nutrients, amino acids, vitamins, enzymes, microbes giving your plant everything it needs to thrive. Your plants will be strong and protected against pests and diseases.

about us

About Agricultural Organics

With over 25 years’ experience in the manufacture of fertilisers for the agricultural industry and indoor gardening sector, Agricultural Organics continually looks to the latest scientific advances, to produce products that guarantee consistency, high yields and excellent quality of end product. More importantly is the use of naturally sourced materials that ensure safe and healthy consumption for the end user.

Its highly experienced research and development team is dedicated to providing leading solutions in the industry. You will find that the products are unique in their actions, and will  leave you impressed with the results. You will also understand why our products are highly respected across the globe.
At Agricultural Organics our aim is to continually invest in research and development of products that are at the forefront of the industry. Any new product that is released goes through rigorous testing ensuring that our standards are maintained at their optimum.

Essential Mix

bloom roots
Bloom Pre
Bloom Ultra
Bloom Phat
Bloom Ooze
Bloom Final

The leading six additives in the Bloom Range cover all the requirements of the plants in combination with our base nutrients (you have a choice of a 2-Part or 4-Part in chelated readily available form)

Plant Health Products
with added Benefits

For more experienced growers, they have the choice to introduce some of our other products into their regime.

These products can be life savers when environmental conditions are not maintained at their optimum, and deficiencies develop.

Our plant health products also serve the dual action of acting as boosters further enhancing your yields and quality of end product.
Whether you choose just one of our products or the complete range, we are sure that you will see a positive difference in your grow, that will leave you wanting to see what else Bloom Yellow Bottles can do for your plants.

Please visit our product page and read about what our other products can do for your plants

Advantages Of Our Products



Bloom Advanced Floriculture is committed to the promotion of organic farming, maintaining a healthier and safer way of life!

premium quality

Premium Quality

Bloom Advanced Floriculture products are recognised as a premium plant nutrition range. The formula has been fine-tuned over 25 years to give your plants exactly what they need.

top yields

Top Yields

Our products provide a complete nutritional balance for Hydroponic and soil grown plants, resulting in consistently high yields.

feed schedules

Feed schedules for any grower’s expertise level

Try our Basic, Intermediate or Deluxe Feed schedules depending on your growing experience. All growing methods have been tested in our research & development centre and are guaranteed to achieve great results.

super concentrated

Super Concentrated

We sell products across all corners of the globe. Our motto has always been to never ship water to our clients.
Use of our products is typically 0.5 to 1ml/litre, being some of the most concentrated products on the market.

top research

Top research and development team

Our team is enthusiastic about what they do, and have vast experience and qualifications in plant science. Many projects are always underway with a commitment to provide unique and highly effective solutions to the industry.

Australian Made

All Bloom products are proudly made in Australia, globally well known for our wealth of knowledge and experience in the horticultural business.