Bloom Humate

Want Bigger Yields? Optimise Your Flowering Nutrient Uptake!

Bloom Humate


Humic acid acts as a turbo-booster for your base feed and additives by massively accelerating the absorption of nutrients in the root-zone.

• Advanced Floriculture – professional grade plant nutrition used by the agricultural industry
• 20% humic acid supplement, derived from leonardite coal
• Provides a source of fuel for beneficial microorganisms
• Boosts the availability of nutrients
• Improves soil structures
• Great in any growing medium: soil, coco and hydro
• Can be used right the way through, from veg to just before the final flush
• Used at 2.5ml per litre of nutrient solution

How It Works

Humic acid works to optimise the absorption of nutrients that are present in your base fertiliser, additives and in the substrate. Using nutrients more efficiently will help to benefit your indoor garden in numerous ways, promoting improved health and vigour, strengthening plants against pests, diseases and environmental stresses, while also helping to prevent the build-up of excess nutrients. Humic acid also acts as a fuel for beneficial microorganisms – another factor that contributes to the well-being of your plants.

Technical Specifications

HUMATE can be used through the grow and bloom stages, right up to the end, finishing just before the final flush. Use it at 2.5ml per litre of nutrient solution.
Application rates vary depending on the system and growing method. Please visit our feed schedules page for more information.
Because Bloom products are mostly formulated from organic sources, there can often be variation in colour and consistency. This is nothing to worry about and you can rest-assured that every batch is checked by the Advanced Floriculture quality control team.

When to use:

  • Vegetative Cycle

  • Flowering Cycle

System you can use in:

  • Soil

Packaging Sizes

Comes in 5 sizes: 300ml, 1L, 2.5L, 15L, 25L